Monday, August 27, 2007

On Christmas

This Christmas I hope to do all homemade, used, or edible/use-up-able gifts. I HOPE, I'm saying. Not "I resolve" or "I will" or any of that. Right now it sounds incredibly easy. Just knit socks for the parents and the husband. Well, I don't know how to knit a usable sock just yet. That's OK. I can learn.

For my dad's birthday (December 3) I want to make him a spice collection with herbs and spices from the co-op. The container will be hard to find but I'll figure out something -- likely something I already have or from a thrift store. Then for Christmas, I'm going to write him a book of my recipes (many using the spices!). He knows how to cook, he just doesn't have much of a repertoire.

For my mom's birthday (December 21) I'm going to send her a bunch of books from here. She lives in a very small town without a bookstore or much of a library -- and what library there is, she can't use because she's highly allergic to cats and if someone with a cat has touched the book, and my mom opens it, she'll have trouble breathing. She doesn't feel like driving an hour to the nearest Barnes and Noble is a good use of her time and fuel and I agree. So I have more books than I can ever read in a lifetime, including a lot that I've already read and don't intend to reread. Off they will go. For Christmas it's the socks, or a hat if I can't seem to make the socks. It just doesn't sound that hard to spend time on gifts that are usable (not macrame things that people have to find space for on their walls), gifts that don't take up too much space in someone else's house, and that don't cost more in money than in time, and that don't add to the endless consumption machine that eats us alive, especially around the holidays. The hell with all that! Socks ahoy!


kt said...

Yarr, here there be socks!

It's a great idea. I have tried doing homemade stocking stuffers a few years now. Last year was dishcloths/hotpads. One year was little flax-filled muslin bags that can be used as handwarmers (a post-hot-potato warm-it-in-the-microwave type thing). Haven't decided what I might do this year.

tk said...

If those are the stocking stuffers, do you also have to give purchased bigger presents?