Monday, October 29, 2007

On the New Solution

In the last couple of weeks it's become very clear to me what the "next step" in Getting Things Done terminology is.

My adult life has coincided with my Internet-using life. I got on when I was 18 and had left home. I have been connected ever since with no breaks except maybe a week on vacation, and even then I've always been able to get some connection.

At the same time, I've nearly always been disorganised, overwhelmed, and perpetually behind, while having my carefully arranged Internet life in meticulous order.

I can tell you which of my "invisible friends" on LiveJournal are dating each other, where they're working and which physical ailments they're battling. I can tell you which friends on text BBSes, which is where I started at age 18, are feuding, as well as their kids' names and ages, and often I can tell someone where a certain user is likely to be at any given moment. This is even if I've never met the person. This is very useful in a lot of cases to other people. "Where's so and so? I bet tk knows. What's going on with so and so's relationship? tk is sure to know that."

It's useful for other people, and it's useful for the part of me that likes escapism and avoiding stuff in my real life, but it's not useful FOR ME anymore, and I'm seeing that very clearly now.

I can tell you all that stuff about my Internet social life, while my obligations and chores and to-do lists pile up and I wonder, "Where's all my time going?"

And I don't want to be that person anymore. And I'm not going to be.

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