Monday, February 9, 2009

Pioneer girl

(Lists are where I keep my brain!)

1. We moved. The Man Of The Place, the puppy dog, and I bought a house in San Bruno, CA. I am in love with it.
2. I'm feeling better ... mostly.
3. I've started knitting again. Started an afghan about 5 times before finally deciding to go all-garter for the border. Whether I do anything, you know, fancy in the middle remains to be seen.
4. I've started a garden. Right now it's all decorative. I can't get (two-year-old) herb seeds to catch on.
5. I'm traveling again.
6. I'm still not working. (Fie!)
7. I'm researching the everloving hell out of Laura Ingalls Wilder, thanks to the flurry of new writings about her. I'll update this reading list on the right to reflect this soon.
8. Still thinking. Thinking. Thinking about the upcoming Hell and Highwater.


Ryan said...

hey tk,

i'm one of the mccoven folks (though I became one while you in the thick of your surgery, when you weren't on as much). (SN haverecords)

I do a lot of horticulture work, actually, so I figured I'd talk to you about your garden.

Depending on what the herbs are, they might be too old (though I would suspect that many would still germinate fine). Are you sowing directly into the soil, or starting in pots?

Also, depending on what the herb is, it might take quite a while to germinate (it is not rare for some plants to take 3 weeks or longer to show, if sown directly in the soil, and some plants need warmer weather in order to germinate).

I'd love to see some photos of your garden!

tk said...

Hi Ryan! Thanks for checking this blog. I never figure anyone from McChrons reads it so that's pretty awesome.

Anyway, the herb thing was a bust. Seeds never came up. They were in little pots and they were basil, oregano, thyme, marjoram, not a one ever came up, but I might not have given it long enough at all. I gave up and went and bought sprouts at the nursery.

Funny story: tonight my husband goes, "Go outside and look at your herb pots!" and I went out -- they looked the same as they had this afternoon. I went ??

It turns out he had thought they were still from seed, and had come up all miraculously in the last few days.

I've been taking some (crappy) pictures but I'm going to post them soon.

Here's the yard right when we first moved in:

As you can see, no space at all to work with, but it still looks a hell of a lot better now. I'll post pics in the next couple of days on here.

Thanks for your comment!

Kate said...

Hey...what has come out recently about LIW? I LOVE the Little House on the Prairie books...although I can't seem to get my girls into them.

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