Monday, September 7, 2009


"Everything must be saved, nothing wasted from all the summer's bounty ..."
-My favorite quote of any of the Little House books.

That's why I've spent 8 hours with my oven on, slow-roasting tomatoes that are now in the freezer ...

and why I'm planning on making 10 loaves of zucchini bread with this thing (finally picked it yesterday):

... and why I'm going to dry vast, otherworldly amounts of lemon thyme and (shh!) give it for Christmas presents in pretty tins ...

Really, the whole thing is about avoiding going to the mall during the months of November and December.

OK, maybe not entirely that. Really, I'm just pleased as punch to have a garden that produces food. Just a real happy camper.

Psychologico-verbal change of seasons: (what? I can invent words, it's my blog.) I've finally quit saying "Well, I don't LIKE having it (the ostomy), but I can't do much about it," when people ask how I'm dealing with it. Now I'm just saying, "Fine." There's a pretty big difference there, for me. You can't just go through life not liking something that major.

Life in the kitchen: is excellent now that we've renovated. Past tense. All done! It's beautiful, and functional. And there's storage.

Upcoming: My mom is giving me a butter churn! It's not (to my slight dismay and great surprise) a stand-up cedar butter churn as shown here, but a "daisy" style here. (Or is it dazey?) Regardless. Butter making will be happening. I know some small dog who will like that very much.

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